KasariNepalTechnewsWhen iPhone 13 will be release? Checkout

When iPhone 13 will be release? Checkout

Apple has been releasing a new version of the iPhone that is popular among users every year. Apple usually releases a new iPhone in September of each English year.


But Apple has yet to say when the iPhone will go public this year. Apple unveiled the new iPad, iMac and some other devices at an event in April this year.

But users are still wondering when Apple will unveil the new iPhone model. According to various sources, the iPhone is expected to go public at the end of September this year.

This estimate is based on the internal resources of the companies entrusted with the manufacture of the iPhone. Various international media have made it public that the work of making the chips required for the iPhone has been completed ahead of schedule.

If this news is true, users will be able to see the new version of the iPhone in September.

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