KasariNepalTechnewsUpdate: IOS 14.6 released Check New Features

Update: IOS 14.6 released Check New Features

Apple has released iOS 14.6 update on Saturday. The new update for the iPhone 6S and later iPhone models includes features such as Apple Card Family, Apple Podcast subscriptions, security updates, and Apple Music Support.

The company has brought important security updates in iOS 14.6 update. The hackers were found to have stolen user data through a viral audio file.

Similarly, iPhone users in 170 countries can now subscribe to Apple Podcast. With the new update, the airtag includes the feature of having an email address instead of a phone number, as well as the ‘Find My Accessories’ feature for tracking.

Similarly, users now have the feature to lock the iPhone using their voice.

Targeting Apple Music users, iOS 14.6 features Dolby Atoms and wireless audio support. Both of these features are expected to go live next month.

Apple has brought iOS 14.6 along with iPadOS 14.6, MacOS 11.4, WatchOS 7.5, TVOS 14.6 and HampedOS 14.6.

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