KasariNepalTips and TricksHow to block annoying “Save Password” popup in Chrome?

How to block annoying “Save Password” popup in Chrome?

Close Save Password Popup in Chrome: Kasari Google Chrome Ma Save Password Pop-Ups Banda garne? How to Turn Off or Close Save Password PopUp in Chrome.

Google Chrome comes with a built-in password manager that helps you save and sync all your website logins. That’s why every time you log into a new website, the web browser will automatically show a pop-up message saying “Save Password” so that you can save your username and password in Chrome. Doing so will sync your username and password between other devices connected to your Google Account.

But there can be many reasons for turning off Chrome Password Manager on your device. You might want to stop asking Chrome to save passwords because you don’t want to store your credentials in it. Or maybe you’re already using a dedicated password manager. Also, you might get annoyed with the constant prompts.

Kasari Google Chrome Ma Save Password Pop-Ups Banda garne?

chrome save password popup
chrome save password popup

But luckily, it’s easy to turn off Google Password Manager in any operating system. In this article, you are going to learn how to stop Chrome from asking to save passwords in Windows 10 and Android.

How to block saved password pop-ups in Chrome on Windows 10? Save Password Pop-Ups in Windows.

Every time you enter a password on a web page, Google Chrome offers Save Password by default to save your credentials. If you want Chrome to turn off Save Password for a site, click Never in the pop-up that appears in the upper-right corner on Windows 10.

However, this solves the problem for that specific site, while Chrome keeps asking you to save the password when logging in to other web pages.

However, you can prevent this from the settings of Google Chrome. Click the profile button in the upper-right corner and click the key icon to access the password.

Another way is in Chrome’s address bar – type chrome: //settings/passwords and press enter.

chrome save password popup
chrome save password popup

Click on the “Offer to save passwords” switch in the password settings to disable it and close the Chrome Password Manager.

Yes! The Google Chrome password saving feature is now disabled, and the browser will no longer give you prompts to save passwords.

How to close Save Password Pop-up in Chrome on Android? Save Password Pop-Ups in Android.

How to stop Google from saving passwords on Android smartphones and tablets.

Google Chrome also offers to remember your password on Android. Each time you log in to a web page, it prompts you to save your credentials in a pop-up at the bottom of the screen.

If you do not want Chrome to save these login credentials, you can tap on Never. But then it will only be for this site. Chrome continues to show you these prompts until you close Google Password Manager on the rest of the site.

To close it, first, tap on the three vertical dots on the top-right side of the browser.

close save password popup in chrome in android
close save password popup in chrome in android

Then, tap on Settings.

close save password popup in chrome in mobile
close save password popup in chrome in mobile

Next, tap on Passwords.

Kasari Banda Garne Save Password Pop-Ups in Chrome. On the Password page, turn off the Save passwords option switch. Chrome Password Manager will be disabled, so no more prompts will bother you.

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