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Recharger’s New Year sale offer, one gadget for free

E-commerce platform Recharger has unveiled a 'New Year Sale offer' on the occasion of the New Year. With a focus on mobile app users, Recharger will offer a variety of gadgets at a discount of up to 70 percent.
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How to find product key in Windows 10

How to find product key in Windows 10: But if you want to buy another Windows from any website or reseller and install it on your device, you will also get a 25 digit 'Product Key' with Windows while purchasing.
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Digital platform connecting farmers and traders – Hat Bazaar

We have been hearing the news on a daily basis that the produce of the farmers in the villages has not found a market and the traders and consumers in the cities have not been able to buy the produce directly from the farmers.
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Opportunity to get 100% cashback when buying a plane ticket from Esewa

One hundred percent cashback is available when buying a plane ticket through an esewa payment service provider.
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LG is closing its smartphone business after losing money for six consecutive years

LG is about to exit the mobile market. LG, which has been running at a loss for 23 consecutive quarters (about six years), is set to shut down the smartphone industry to save the company.
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Up to 35 percent discount on Samsung TVs, refrigerators and washing machines on New Year’s Eve

Samsung has unveiled a special plan for the New Year 2078. The company is offering special discounts on TVs, refrigerators and washing machines under the 'Start New Enthusiasm' scheme.
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Visa Company Organizing Competion with all startup companies around the world

Visa, an international payment technology company, has launched the Visa Everywhere Initiative. The company invites startups from around the world with the latest ideas to participate.
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Sales of the world’s first rollable TV worth Rs 15 million begin

South Korean company LG Electronics has started selling its first rollable TV in overseas markets. The TV, brought by the company in the high-end segment, is currently being sold in South Korea at an average price of Rs 100.7 million.
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Oppo reducing the price of mobile after it stopped being sold

Oppo, which has been losing ground in the market with the dominance of brands like Samsung and Xiaomi, has been cutting the price of mobile phones lately.
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Xiaomi – Redmi Mobile Price in Nepal 2021

This is the latest price list of Xiaomi's smartphones in the Nepali market. Demand for Chinese company Xiaomi's smartphones is increasing in the Nepali market.
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Features, Specification and Price in Nepal

Xiaomi Latest Samrtphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 series launched in Nepal. Check out Redmi Note 10 Price in Nepal and Features 2021
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Xiaomi’s new laptop with 100 watt fast charger

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi Notebook Pro 15 and Mi Notebook Pro 14 laptops. The company has unveiled the 11th-generation Intel Tiger Lake CPU and Nvidia GeForce Graphics in China.
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Xiaomi Mi 11 Features, Specification and Price in Nepal

Xiaomi has unveiled the models of its new Mi11 series. The company unveiled the Mi11 Ultra, Mi11i, Mi11 Lite 5G, and Mi11 Lite 4G under the Mi11 series on Saturday.
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Samsung Galaxy M62 with 7000 mAh battery and 8 GB RAM is going public in Nepal

Samsung's new smartphone Galaxy M62 with powerful battery capacity will be available in the Nepali market next week, the company has informed.
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Poco X3 Pro Review | Price in Nepal and features

Poco has recently unveiled the Poco X3 Pro as its own new smartphone lineup. This phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 chip.
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IPhone 12 Pro is the best smartphone of the year

Launched in October 2020, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been named the world's best smartphone by 2021. Despite being unveiled in 2020, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been declared the best smartphone available in 2021.
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Apple Developer Conference Date Set, What’s New?

Apple has announced the date of its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). The company is planning to organize the program online from June 7 to 11.
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Realme bringing a modern smartphone based on UI 2.0

Smartphone brand Realm is set to launch UI 2.0-based 'Z' generation Android phones. Realm, which has been expanding its market in a short time in the world, had released UI 2.0 last year.
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The price of the ticket company is 20 times more than the budget of Nepal

The video-sharing app Tiktak is a popular social network in the global market in the last hundred years. In a short time, the company has achieved great success. Thus, the valuation of the company is increasing by crores every day.
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Thus prepared, the new generation ‘Nepali Patro’

Nepali Patro has developed a system to inform the user based on the date. Which is the latest effort in Nepal's environment.
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